What is a fractional CMO?

Many small businesses and start-ups are familiar with the concept of a portfolio or fractional CFO – someone with solid financial management experience you hire for a few days a month or a few days a week.
However, the idea of a fractional CMO hasn’t taken-off in the UK. Yet.

You may already have a Marketing Manger or a Marketing Director, but to hire someone at CMO level, someone with 20 years marketing experience, is going to cost you an average of £100,000 in salary.
That’s nearly £400 every working day, before all the additional costs of employment.

But how many days a month is that CMO really adding that level of value?
For many businesses, it’s better to employ that person just for a few days every month.

With a fractional CMO, you get all the accumulated experience and expertise but at a fraction of the cost.
We don’t demand holidays.
We don’t expect a bonus (though neither do we turn them down!).
We are still loyal.
We are still committed to your business.

As a fractional CMO, my role is to help you realise your business ambitions.
Whether those ambitions are strategic or tactical, I’m happy to help.

A few examples of areas where I might help your business:


  • Setting the overall marketing strategy
  • Creating or realigning your brand
  • Developing your market positioning
  • Designing and delivering the marketing plan
  • Working with your product team to create a go-to-market road map
  • Assisting with corporate presentations, including fundraise documents


  • Advising on campaigns and channel management
  • Setting-up campaigns and infrastructure such as Google Ad accounts
  • Restructuring the marketing team
  • Recruiting the marketing department
  • Selecting and managing agencies and suppliers
  • Mentoring and coaching team members
  • Departmental training

It all starts with a phone call or an email. To discuss your business ambitions, call me on 07939 215042 or drop me a mail on richard@fractionalcmo.uk

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