With 20 years experience as a senior marketer, I’ve worked in financial services (consumer and business), green-tech, telecoms and publishing.

I’ve led digital transformation projects, won awards for branding and managed some exceptional teams.

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Your next executive hire?

(But at a fraction of the cost)

The point of a fractional hire is you get all the experience and accrued wisdom but at a fraction of the price.

Most start-ups and small businesses could benefit from a talented and experienced marketer but it can often be folly to recruit one. Good CMO salaries are upward of £100,000, plus additional employment costs, and the truth is in many cases 50% of the time that CMO will be doing the work of someone well beneath that paygrade.
You don’t want to pay someone £100k+ a year to write blog posts or set-up PPC campaigns. But you may need someone to oversee and direct that activity. You just don’t need them there 5 days a week.

Hire me for a day a month or a day a week – whatever you need.
Or hire me for a specific project.

Also available: Marketing Mentorship – find out how I can help your marketing team flourish.


Strategy: Go-to-market, product launches, market diversification, team structure, channel selection, OKR & KPI setting… getting the marketing strategy right is essential. Getting it done quickly – so you can accelerate your journey to profitability – takes experience and expertise.

Digital: SEO, PPC, eCRM, Social, landing page optimisation, web strategy, content strategy, PR and communications. Getting your digital footprint right is crucial.

Leadership: mentoring, recruitment, training, restructuring, coaching, cultural re-set.
There’s probably no more important skill-set in a growing business.

Branding: It’s not about logos and colour schemes, it’s about making your brand resonate with your customers on an emotional level.

Positioning: Understand how to make your product or service stand out, communicating the value of your product.

Previous roles include:

Head of Growth, Switchd/MakeMyHouseGreen
Launched the UK’s leading domestic solar installation platform, landed partnership deals and led the sales and marketing team. Also continued growth of energy switching platform despite the energy market collapse.


Marketing Director, Funding Options
From MVP to category leader… In my four years we moved from a handful of leads a month to thousands. In just three years we became Europe’s leading business finance marketplace.
Business sold to Tide.

Head of Digital, Touch Financial
Creation of the digital strategy and hiring of the digital team to transform the business.

Head of Marketing, Digital Look
Marketing launch and management of the UK’s leading spread-betting platform aimed at traditional investors. Business sold to CMC Markets.

Customer Manager, TalkTalk
Improved customer retention and lifetime value through identification of high churn potential customers and implementation of mitigation plans. Improved overall customer retention and NPS.

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