A Marketing Mentor

When I look back on my career, I can now see there were a few times when I would have benefited from having a marketing mentor.

Richard Leader, marketing mentor

Working in a start-up or a small business as the most senior marketing person (when you don’t feel that senior) can be a lonely place. It can breed a lack of confidence and lead to insecurity. A marketing lead who is lacking in confidence isn’t going to be the most productive. There’s every chance they may not make the leap to grow alongside your business.

As it turns out, at the most critical point (my first “proper” head-of job), I did have a mentor, albeit informally. He was a marketing consultant who had been engaged by the business before I started. His guidance helped me immeasurably. I grew in confidence, I learnt to trust myself and my instincts and I became a much better marketer.

If there’s someone in your business who you think needs that help, or needs to speak to someone about making the step-up, let me know.

Here’s how it works:

  • Discovery call (free of charge)
    It’s super important that there is the right chemistry between mentor and mentee
  • Structured fortnightly 1:1 session (45 minutes online)
  • Up to an hour of unscheduled calls through the month as required, access to any document templates and resources I have which may be helpful

I recommend 2-3 months as a minimum.

£295 per month (plus VAT)

I’m there to listen, to offer advice, to be a sounding board for ideas. I can help structure thinking, offer advice on how to manage (up and down), how to prioritise and how to get stuff done well.
I offer 20 years marketing experience, mostly in start-ups and challenger brands.
Previous mentees and colleagues have called me “inspirational”, “visionary”, “able to turn insight into action” and “the best manager I’ve ever had”. And I didn’t pay them to say that, either!

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