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marketing roadmap

We have a tried-and-tested method of delivering a marketing roadmap to help your business grow.

“…the best marketer I‘ve worked with.”
– Roisin Levine, Head of Partnerships at Wise (Worked with Richard at Funding Options)

How your business benefits from a marketing roadmap

Roadmaps are useful tools in any business – they set out direction in a format which is easily shared and communicated to teams, investors and collaborators.

A marketing roadmap is not a marketing plan – it isn’t a detailed document which prescribes particular activity. Instead, it defines purpose and areas for improvement and allows your team to check that they are on track.

Your marketing road map will provide you with the opportunity to make short-term gains and to plan for longer term investment.

Using the SOPE Framework

Over a 1/2 day workshop with business leaders and additional members of the team, we will use the four pillars of our marketing framework to assess the current situation and inform the roadmap.

  1. Strategy
    – from your business objectives to the articulation of your value proposition, we will quickly get up to speed on your strategy
  2. Organistaion
    – the set-up and capability of your marketing team (or agency, or freelancers) is crucial to the success of your marketing
    – we’ll also seek to understand your internal technical set-up, including your CRM, email marketing platform and website
  3. Processes
    – often the weakest part of a growing business’ marketing armoury but well defined marketing processes deliver measurable and repeatable growth
  4. Execution
    – how we get from strategy to execution is crucial – it’s about putting it all into practice

Following-on from the workshop, we will produce a report outlining strengths and weaknesses in your company’s marketing approach along side recommendations and the roadmap for growth.

Your Investment: The marketing roadmap workshop and report is £1,500 (+VAT).

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