What do you prefer?
Some bland waffle and a contact-me-for-rates,

or just the facts?

Thought so…

Day Rates


1 – 2 days per month: £525 per day
3 – 7 days per month: £445 per day
8+ days per month: £395 per day

Expenses charged at cost
Overnight travel £125 additional

What do you get?

What do you want?
– Brand and positioning advice and research
– Coaching and mentoring of your team
– Campaign ideation and creation
– Team review and restructuring
– Digital transformation
– SEO and PPC set-up or advice
– Agency selection
– Ongoing advice
– Non-Exec Director services

Contact me


07939 215042

Let’s meet for coffee (I’ll pay), or online – Zoom or Skype or GoogleMeet (or even Teams!)